List of Giants

Steam Juggernaut (Knight Giant) Elf Giant Coming Soon! Thurgin's Runesteel Giant (Dwarven Giant)
Earth Elemental (Beast Folk Giant) Lord of the Frozen Wastes (Barbarian Giant) Ursine Destroyer (Amazon Giant)
Shadow Rider Terrix (Dark Elven Giant) Grunge the Maw of the Swamp (Orcish Giant) Tomb Lord Guardian (Undead Giant)

Hints for using Giants

Strong and weak points of all giants compared to normal units:

Strong points Weak points
No stats decrease with Wounds
Special attacks that deal big damageSpecial attacks need a manual order to better effect (but have auto-cast as MU)
Aren't affected by weapon skills or unit classesSpecial weakness depending on class
Special attacks have magic after-effectsNo Overkill when fired at
No Crowd

Difference between types of giants

Two classes – Area-attacker and Direct-attacker giants:

  • Area-attackers are slow; they are to move through enemy units, even standing ground, or to break their groups or formations (with normal attacks or special abilities).
    • They better deal damage to many units at once.
    • Their special attack affects all units around.
    • It's senseless to try to block them with a Tank and attack from the sides with DD units – all attackers would receive the same damage, and DDs will die quickly.
    • Do not receive extra damage when attacked from the back or sides.
    • Speed the same as for all pedestrian units.
  • Direct-attackers are fast. They are to intercept single powerful enemy unit and kill it fast (with normal attack or special ability).
    • They better deal damage to single target.
    • Their special attack is narrow template-shaped, affecting only units in front of the giant.
    • Direct-attacker giants receive extra damage from side or back attacks.
    • Movement the same as for Cavalry.
Giant type Strong points Weak points
Area attackerDeals damage to all directions. Doesn't have side/back damage increased.Small damage in one direction.
Direct attackerDeals high damage to single target. Can outrun any foot unit.Receives extra damage from back and side attacks. Cannot damage all surrounding units at once.

Giant vs Giant

  1. It's better to use Direct attacker versus Area attacker.
  2. Giants aren't affected by after-effects of other giants' Special Attacks (but damage from these attacks is dealt to them normally).
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